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6- Vibrating Furnace Dischargers/Loaders:

Is a kind of conveyor especially suited for using in professional heat treating environment particularly in foundry industry.

In foundry industry, regarding the non-ferrous feature of some materials such as copper, aluminum, bronze, etc, conveying and charging operations can not be made by lifting magnets, therefore, making vibration is the best way. To get this, applying vibrating furnace discharger/loader is the most convenient alternative.

This equipment is not only suitable for the aforementioned condition but is the most satisfactory and fair option for founding ferrous alloys too. In founding ferrous alloys, as the crane and lifting magnet are constantly involved in charging the components, they got hot and exhausted. Therefore, in such a case utilizing vibrating furnace charger is the highest possibility.

PSACO-made vibrating furnace dischargers/loaders are able to operate with heavy product and perform in both longitudinal and/or transverse manners towards the furnace.


  • charge enormous furnaces
  • adjust material input/output rate
  • Equipped with a brake for immediate stop function in the case of material piling up
  • modify the speed of longitudinal movement toward the furnace
  • Supplied with a slide gate to adjust the output rate in starting condition

Note: More significantly, due to the strong and sturdy construction against heat, this equipment can be easily used right up to the furnace.


PSACO- manufactured vibrating dischargers/loaders categorized based on their drivers as bellow:

MVC Series: driven by 2 unbalance motors, designed and manufactured for charging small- medium furnaces and for fairly long distances.

EVC Series: ran by a mechanical oscillator, applied to charge large and even enormous furnaces, used for high capacities and long distances.

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