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 This equipment which is most applied in foundry industries, used to separate the cast from the mold and sand through making regular and continues shaking. Based on the method used in this industry, the shake-out vibration and function are different.

Therefore, considering the structure and application of shake-out, PSACO designs and supplies the equipment in two ways:

  • Continuous Shake-out
  • Shake Out Table

In foundry industries there are various types of sand with different stickiness and stiffness indexes like moist sand, Co2 and ceramic ones. Therefore, in order to separate cast from mold and foundry sand, some factors such as oscillation force, physical structure and force direction should be separately estimated.

PSACO that is specialized in designing and supplying a wide range of vibrating equipment, is able to design and manufacture different types of shake-out equipment in various sizes and dimensions for different applications. For instance, continuous shake-out can be not only used for separating materials but for handling and cooling hot pieces in foundry industries. Shake-out equipment manufactured by PSACO is able to make vibration frequency from 150 RPM up to1500 RPM with the stroke of 3mm up to 25 mm.

PSACO shake-out equipment is presented with different exciters as follow:

  • MVH Series - (Driven by unbalance motor)
  • LVH Series - (Driven by unbalance shaft oscillator)

Note: As per the customer requirement and type of application, PSACO generally, recommends MVH Series for low-medium duty and LVH Series for high capacities. Also, MVH Series are most suited for continuous casting lines and moist sand.

Continuous Shake- Out:


Continuous Shake-Outs are more applied in foundry industries using moist sand method and are fitted for applying in mass productions continuous lines.

In this method, materials are evenly released from furnace and placed on the shake-out which continuously separate products from casting mold and foundry sand.

Shake- out Table:


Used in foundry industries with co2 method in which due to the stiffness and hardness of the sand, imposing intensive impact is essential.

Shake-out Tables are also most applied for separating large and heavy productions. In this method, materials are placed on the shake-out table by a crane and separated through making a high vibration.

There are 2 parameters should be considered in both methods:

  • vibration adjustment rate
  • time of vibration 


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