Vibrating Feeder Products

Feeder is a kind of equipment used to continuously and homogeneously discharge the materials from preceding equipment, conveys and charges them to the next machine. PSACO has been designing and supplying a various range of feeders, customized as per the specifications of the clients.


These feeders are most applied in: 

Loading and Unloading:

This equipment is used to continuously and evenly discharge the product from hoppers, bins or silos to belt conveyer, bucket elevator, screens, etc.

Also, it is applied to flow materials to the next machine for a specific process. In this method feeders are installed in suspended position. However, depending on the feeder’s capacity and weight of the machine, they can be also installed on-mounted.


In some industries and production systems, materials have to be flown in specified volume in a particular time. In such situations batching feeders are the most convenient and the best choice.


Special category is the dosing feeder which is able to control flowing of specified volume of materials in to the next equipment in a fixed time. Commonly, in this method, the machine is equipped with a system through which the outputs can be controlled based on the weighing system feedback.


The feeders applied to handle the product to a longer distance. Due to the long length, these feeders are appropriate solutions which meet all the individual needs of key industries such as:

foundry, food, ceramic and so on.

In any of above mentioned applications, structure and vibrating system of the feeder are varied and can be designed and supplied based on the need and application in particular industries.

Types of Feeders:

Vibrating Feeders:

Vibrating Feeders are most common used in different industries and various applications.

Conveying Feeders:

This equipment is manufactured in different lengths, from 3m up to 6m, and used to handle materials to a long distance, for cooling hot materials or separating products from foundry box in casting industries. Definitely, resonance feeder can be used in longer distances as well.

Tubular Feeders:

Applied to handle low and medium volume of materials. They are also used to discharge the bins with small outlets. Tubular feeders are commonly suited to add the additive in production systems. In order for the equipment to be properly installed, top and bottom of the feeder is made in a flanged shape. As the materials are passed inside a tube in a way so that they can not spread out, these feeders are appropriate choices, especially, for fine materials. 

Extractor Feeders:

Extractor is a kind of feeder works with negative slope used in Ferrite industry to converse melted ferrite in to granule.

In this system which works with open circulation of water, there are two crucial factors that make the particle size to be changed and as a result, prevent the material to be massed: speed and amplitude of vibration.

2- Vibrating Feeders:

Vibrating feeders are used to regulate material flow or to discharge specified volume of materials. Generally, this equipment is set under the bins and chutes. It can also be installed above the screens and belt conveyors for charging and discharging materials respectively.

We have been designing and manufacturing a broad range of vibrating feeders in various dimensions, capacities and exciters which can be either with or without cover. Our covered feeders can be installed in both ways, suspended or on-mounted.

This company presents its feeders based on the mechanism and structure as follow:

  • MVF Series- driven by an unbalance motor
  • AVF Series- driven by a magnetic vibrator
  • EVF Series- driven by a mechanical oscillator
  • ECF Series- driven by a drive shaft




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