Releasing of Equipment for Feeders & Screens for Chahamahal Bakhtiari Steel Project

Feeders & Screens for Chahamahal Bakhtiari Steel Project

-Client: Mobarakeh Foolad Sang Mining & Industrial Co. (PJS)

-Contractor: Confederation of TukaEPC & Faratahghigh Sepahan Companies

-Consultant: Faratahghigh Sepahan Company.

-Customer: Tuka EPC Co.


Designing & manufacturing:

 - Vibrating Screen, Model: ECS 550/220 – 2D (Cap.550ton/hr)

- Vibrating Screen, Model: MVS 450/150 – 1D (Cap.150ton/hr)

- Vibrating Screen, Model: MVS 300/100 – 1D (Cap.12ton/hr)

- Vibrating Feeder, Model: MVF 200/120-450VC (Cap.460ton/hr)

- 2 Vibrating Feeders, Model: MVF 120/65-80VC (Cap.90ton/hr)

- 9 Vibrating Feeders, Model: MVF 160/100 – 190VC (Cap.250ton/hr)

- 4 Magnetic Feeders, Model: AVF 100/50 – 50VC (Cap. 50ton/hr)


Order :

Name- Surname- Company- Position- Required Equipment- E-mail- Phone- Mobile- Zip Code- Description

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